Wednesday, May 24, 2017

this days...

I've been busy this past days, i would love to say that i've been just hanging out but, i barely had time to, instead of that i've been working in an art project that i've got on mind since... mmmm can't remember! but maybe 2 years ago... things are like this when involves creativity and an art project, of course the idea comes first (not like the egg and the chickin' thing..) and to be sincere i totally know what to do! is about portraits but i must to justify everything and not leave things in a random way... so anyway, it requires time, like everything tho...
While i was working on this, i spend a few days at my sister's place, she went out to vacations so i stayed at home with doggies and chickens... today was the deadline, just gonna cross fingers, this are a few shots from the past weeks... and yup! is a little chicken hatching, i must to confess i feel so surprised! like a child!...

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

MACO means...

i promise this is my last post of trip to Oaxaca... if i told you that before to go here i was just thinking with my stomach, drooling for all the great food i'll eat and this is a confession, i gain weight and i have no regret about that! i still drool for the food, if someone can go there for sure they will no let me lie and taste the best mole negro ever..!
Now, i've got to go back with this post... first let me tell you that Oaxaca had a strong tradition or should i say that they had the best and great printmakers and engravers from all over the country! it also had open studio and printing press so the people can access to work in this studios, and they also encourage to join to classes and learn more... we knew about that because Toledo gave to the Oaxaca's Government his house so the people can go and keep working there..
But MACO means Contemporary Art Museum of Oaxaca, with it's main artist Toledo, we walked by over there and is so stunning! the pieces, the place everything.. i was so surprised to see a piece of a friend of mine (i feel very proud of him..!) and also we were so lucky to be on the opening of the exhibition of Sibylle Bergemann, her daughter was explaining the artworks!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Oh May i bring you some colors..?

I've been melting down here!! is still spring but gosh! is like summer, considering that our Summer Indians are in June (or July..) is hot here..33℃ !! and possible goes worst... but anyway, sunblock is my friend and i'll go out to the street like a glazed duck  with tons of sunblock... this past week i was working as a judge in child's art contest and gosh! i was amazed about how gorgeous colors and great artworks!... The theme was "my neighborhood", and from that you can imagine what kind of works can create since their point of view...
My task was to evaluate of course the theme, the creativity and the skills because it was kids with different ages, it was divided into 2 categories, 6 to 9 years old and 10 to 14...
I wasn't the only judge but we coincided that the little ones were the best using the colors... and after been working with this, it seriously makes me think and appreciate to work with kids
I took a few photos of the artworks, and see for yourself! and Feliz Día del Niño
*i laughed out loud when a kid wrote that he used patience as his technique...!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

what i've learning from Etsy...

I wanted to write this post so long ago, the reasons are because after i've open my Etsy shop, i was really full of doubts, fears and if is not because my siblings i may probably being stuck doing and selling few thing without trying  other thing and going beyond of that..
So this is a few thing i've learned...

-Communication, words are not my strong skill, i struggle real hard to write, but this is what i think, i just improved in some way,  i must to describe items but when is about to sell to a possible buyer or a custom listing, i put myself like a "customer services" and yet! english is not my first language, google can be a tool to help in this matters... Keep in touch with your buyers, either for custom items or anything on the shipping or else 😉 

-Image, go to Etsy and surf the web to see tons of nice shops, my sister was telling me about the importance of the image, she also help me with a few items, but i decided to have white backgrounds, not showing my face and the item to be the center of the attention...

-Dare, if i decided to stay with the embroidery pattern i may probably will be stuck on it without pushing me to do something else, i love to embroider but is not the only thing i love and the only thing i can do

-Social Media, i've got to be honest, part of the social media involves to show your products or artworks and that would be a great source for possible buyers! i'm so really, really shy in this matter and i decided not to open a FB fan page instead of that, i've got Instagram, Pinterest and this blog

-Learn from your mistakes, check what's trend on your shop but also see what things works with your buyers and possible buyers, i also ask to my friends or my sibblings

-And also be kind, other sellers can promote your items but the nice thing is to promote others because, isn't nice to see other people stuff? i've got my favorites around on Etsy! 

*all the images are examples and you can find it here

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

the bright colors

Visiting a town and cities in Latin America can be just an eye candy for foreigns, i can't blame it! even to me, is like an explosion of colors! seriously! but what i've i never expected is that most of this houses and buildings used to be bare brick... yup! and take that to my instagram collection of colorful houses!... there's a big archive of photos from here to there, they used brick, adobe or stone..
Now, the prefer to paint everything in bright and shinny colors, i just love them! is just impossible to not look all this colorful places!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

prehispanic crush...

I've got excited with this museum! to be true, i never expected to see prehispanic pieces, actually i thought that would be just Rufino Tamayo's paintings and if i've got to be sincere, i'm not a big fan of his artwork but i went waiting to see his art and then... well, is just his collection of prehispanic art, and to be true is just stunning! this is the story, after he became famous and his artworks was selling pretty well, he decided to rescue and buy prehispanic figures before the black market take advantage, so after adquire a big collection, he just decided donate everything to his hometown, Oaxaca... and after learning this, i seriously feel admiration of him!

Monday, April 17, 2017

the printer studio...

So, there's a master on printing, living in his hometown, in a very small but cute town, where all their habitants are zapotecs as him... his studio is a small room full of his artworks and can invite to admire the simplicity of the space... in this studio i worked a little piece, totally improved but the results are what i just expected, and yes i drink a few little shots of mezcal