Saturday, April 22, 2017

prehispanic crush...

I've got excited with this museum! to be true, i never expected to see prehispanic pieces, actually i thought that would be just Rufino Tamayo's paintings and to be true, i'm not a big fan of his artwork but i went waiting to see his art and then... well, is just his collection of prehispanic art, and to be true is just stunning! this is the story, after he became famous and his artworks was selling pretty well, he decided to rescue and buy prehispanic figures before the black market take advantage, so after adquire a big collection, he just decided donate everything to his hometown, Oaxaca... and after learning this, i seriously feel admiration of him!

Monday, April 17, 2017

the printer studio...

So, there's a master on printing, living in his hometown, in a very small but cute town, where all their habitants are zapotecs as him... his studio is a small room full of his artworks and can invite to admire the simplicity of the space... in this studio i worked a little piece, totally improved but the results are what i just expected, and yes i drink a few little shots of mezcal

Saturday, April 15, 2017

and then, Oaxaca...

If i say that "a few years ago" would sound like was recently, but not, it was like 8 years or 9 since the last time i've went to Oaxaca for vacations, the first time i went it was so pretty! i looked everywhere and was so colorful and rich in history so hubby and I decided to take a break and go for vacations... so, i'll let you know that the next post will be just photos from it...
I'll show you a few of the prehispanic places that i just love them! the sun was up, very warm and bright but it was windy, walking in this places is like feeling some nostalgia about all this lost cultures...

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

and then, springtime

It seriously feels like summer, but is just springtime! i've been walking by on my daily routine, taking some pics from here to there, streets feels so hot! like steamy hot! but i'm not gonna give up  and quit to enjoy taking walks under the sun, although, i'm using more sun block that makes me look like kabuki actress and then, well, i just bought a hat for this season and even when i'm not the kind of person who wears, i'll start to use them... my skin will appreciate it... so this are some photos of what i've been seeing lately... so sunny days!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

in my hands...

I find myself in a total crush for miniatures! since my dad and my brother have a big heart of collector, it was so funny that in some way i didn't find attracted to collect something in particular but! i don't know why but... is so funny this feeling and sensation of miniature things! i really can't explain why, is some sort of fascination... i guess this is the kind of feeling of all the collectors, fascination!
And then i decided to took a photo of this miniatures and cute things.... but really really i want to keep them all! in some way i just like it! but then, a little reminder to not feel attach to material things... (because mom taught me..!)

Friday, March 3, 2017

get ready for springtime...

Well, i'm back, i take a break on my computer, just an unexpected things... now is time to get ready for spring! grab your winter clothes and put it back in to the closet, do some spring cleaning (this is a must to..) and save yourself a day for enjoying a cup of tea, a nice book and plan a list of thing to do in this days (like flying kites!!!)
i've been visiting shops on etsy, and i just love new stuff from designer!!
Let me show you what i find!

This denim dress is just perfect for spring and summer!! lovely cross on the back, 100% cotton you will find it in Localpartitygoods

Are you a bookworm!? and looking for a statement bag? krukrustudio is one of my fav shops on etsy, i just want all their book purses!! take a look, you may find for sure something you like

This enamel mugs had everything! design, vintage look and very durable! is perfect for a gift, you can find more of this french design in LolitaPicco

Join to the club of shibori fans! isn't great how simple line could make a difference? is a natural indigo dye and includes the pillow, more of shibori on HonestAlchemyCo

Friday, February 10, 2017

and finally! for myself...

I've got to say that, i became quite handy sewing this pencil and brush roll case, because i sew a lot for close friends and also family, even my little students have it! and after all of this i realized that i didn't have one for myself!!! and i was like, really why i haven't made one for me!? well, i choose a pretty good and colorful colors, and finally this is mine! i'm soooo happy! my pencils and brushes was such a mess in my paint tool box, and already got some order... and then it comes to my mind (thinking about generosity of course..) to do a giveaway in this month, not just because is a valentine month, is just because February seems a nice month with all the crazy moody weather, so, keep on eye on my next post! ;) here it comes a giveaway! (as always, i'll ship worldwide!!)