Tuesday, January 17, 2017

it is fun to be on instagram!

It took me a lot to make an account on instagram.. now i just want to post everyday!! this are a quick shots of what i've been doing and seeing lately... i love colors on my photos... (isn't obvious?)
i'll keep posting often on it, you can
follow me 

Friday, January 13, 2017

visit your friends

Whatever the year can come... just keep in touch with your relatives and friends, they will be there for you, if you are sad or down, no matter who you feel with yourself, just stay in touch with them... (trust me in this one ;) stay close with the good ones and if you had friends with another vibe different than your, well... is all about sympathy  and empathy right?
There's a reason on it in this post, i've got a close circle of friends, some of them are my besties, the one that don't let you down, then another friends who are just for fun and also friends to chat and be confidential, is not that i classify friends but in some way, we know and they know us, you may probably know what i mean if you got many of friends but just a few are close ones...
A really good friend allow me to take pics of her house, is just because her room and house is so charming, i took some pics, just a few details... places like this, reminds me the importance on details... hey guys! friends are like flowers! let it bloom with kindness 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

those rags...

I really really want to keep my goals and resolutions on this year, not because is a must but the feeling of something when is already done.... I started this cushions last year, is just rags splashed with acrylic paint, nothing different, but i just sew them and quilt it to make this cushions..
Looks simple right? well, it wasn't, but the sensation of finish is what i really, really, like it considering that i'm the kind of person who feels so enthusiastic to start a new project or just start something and in the middle of the process i just get bored, and then i start something different and it happens again, that's why i always have different things to do because of course, i'll be bored, should i know if this is just me or probably someone else feels in the same way?... hubby is the person who after started something goes straight to finish it (i feel so envy and also i admire him for it...), but well, part of this process is my cushions... 500 points for Gryffindor! 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

hello January!

Since 4 or 3 years ago... (probably more..) i decided to go calm with new year's eve celebration, i mean, i didn't throw party and waking up next day with a badly hung over...i may probably did that but not for new year's eve, still! to not break up with the tradition to gather with friends, drink a few booze but just having chill time.... anyway, i'm gonna keep it like that, i just have a great time with my friends, we didn't talk much about resolutions but should be more like goals! resolution could be something more instant, a plan project for the next months or a way to quit bad habits but goals! could be more different, also because i like the word... it means more like succeed in something, so the next question will be, what's my goal for this year or for my life..? -_- the awkward moment of the confession... i've got to finish everything what i started!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Before the year's end...

This may be the last post of the year, in order to say that i learned a lot this year, i feel so grateful in several ways, not just for the thing i get or achieve but also for things i didn't...
For sure this is not a whining post, i rather find thing to be grateful than mocking myself (and that will be an easy way to bully myself..) should i count my blessings? or make a list of thing i did?

Let's go straight to some of those...
-I finally know (less or more..) how to sew a zipper! YaaY! with lots of tutorials, books and else, quite different when you are in front of the sewing machine
-I did a great improvement learning french.. i'm quite stubborn
-Believe it or not, i read more books than the last year! (2 that i bought in the book fair, and it wasn't a child's book :D )
-Have you seen scandinavian films? by far, i stared to be big fan of it! you better watch some foreign cinema, you won't regret missing hollywood films...
-After some several months (or maybe a year...) i finished 3 of 4 paintings! i'm planning to start a new ones next year...
-Did i already mention my instagram account?, is fun, is cool... but i totally refuse a twitter account!
-Guilty as charge for having a pastel crush.. (need to embrace that colors, even when i feel a total beatnik...) some day i'll paint with those colors..
-Learning that creative process is not something to rush on, but to work and investigate
-Last but not less, i finally get my degree! yasssss!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

get ready for the year!

This year is almost gone, i cannot say if is one of my fav years or not (considering that David Bowie died at the begining of the year.... snif!) still, of course, sometimes i can't remember if i achieve of my goals, because, i can't remember most of them... anyway, before to say good-bye to this year, a quick round of Etsy Finds! YaaaY!:

This Scandinavian style top buffet is just a delightful! classic and modern! made with wood and you can find it in this awesome shop, Sweetmangofrance

I've got a crush in this skirt! it got everything, is classy, looks vintage and also so stylish, take a look on this awesome shop from the indie designer Annak
Owl crush? this is your shop, two Argentinian sisters always amuse me with their creations, so feminine and loyal to their on style, you can find in macraME

Last but not less, this is a must to for ring holders, it got's everything, is chic, glam and organic! take a look on this tres chic shop at ModernMud

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Decoration goals

It was a quick and busy days, my brother and i went to fast visit to CdMx and even when we didn't went to visit some museums or other places, i've got to say that i totally enjoyed having such a great time with my brother! in some way, we been apart not because we decided to be like that but our jobs, lives and else, and yes! we hang out and get along often, with our partners or with our family, but in some way, me and him are so closed and had so much things in common, guess like other brother and sister's had, but since we were kids we used to play along, had lots of friends in common... but well, i may probably loosing my point in this post...
After 2 trippy and bussy days in an Artist and independent crafter's bazaar, we did a quick stop by with a friend of Alfredo... Johnny and his partner Carlos lives in a small and cute apt, that since the first time i saw it, it was pure eye candy to me!
If i can, if i would i may probably had something like this for my place, but, my hubby doesn't agree much with so colorful and kitschy things around home, and actually, i do like to decorate my place according to my paintings... still, secretly, i've got big crush for orange, pinks, yellow and vivid and bright colors... guess i should put some on my paint and forget the blues