Monday, August 29, 2016


This post may look like sponsored but not, the reason that i want to write it is because i'm pretty happy with it... Since a year and a half i've been washing my hair with just baking soda y apple cider vinegar, it was a radical change because, well, who doesn't love the nice scent of shampoo right? well, i like it too, but i like my hair looks healthy and i couldn't find it in any shampoo, plus! with this method my hair grows incredibly fast and is thicker... Not really into it? well, is eco-friendly :)
Before to try it i read a lot of blogs talking about no-poo method, all of them tells the big benefits of this, just a few persons talk about how this ruin their hair (coincidence or not but the persons who try it was just women), and yes, i was a little bit frustrated the first 2 weeks because my hair was so frisky but well, but like everything, it takes time...
And yes, this is not a sponsored post but a conscious one..

Thursday, August 18, 2016

a thought lately...

Es Agosto, es de mis meses favoritos, llueve mucho, es fresco, no hace tanto calor y hay días nublados que me encantan!! :) además de eso, hay mas cosas que me gustan de este mes y otras que he hecho últimamente, unas a razón de que debo hacerlas por diferentes causas, pero debo decir que encontré inspiración para ello! tal vez parezca un tanto infantil y naif pero, es por cuestiones de trabajo. Por esa misma razón estoy leyendo un libro encantador y maravilloso, se llama Pippi Calzaslargas, el personaje me ha parecido de lo más simpático! que bueno que no he visto la película y no recuerdo gran cosa de la caricatura pero ese personaje me animó a hacer cosas que tal vez no haría del todo. Aunque no lo parezca soy algo tímida (e insegura, es parte de supongo..), no hablaré mas de ello...
Así que decidí finalmente armarme de valor y subí a mi tienda en etsy un par de bolsas que tengo haciendo desde hace un año.. 

Después de todo, los libros infantiles son para todas las edades no?

Is August, is one of my favorites months, it rains a lot, is fresh, is not so warm and you can wake up and see a cloudy sky that i totally love!! :D besides of that, there's more things i do really like of this months and things that i've done lately, some of them i made it for the different reasons, but i must to say that i fond inspiration for it! and it may be looks a little bit childish and naif but, is just for work matters. For that reason i've been reading a charming and lovely book, is Pippi Longstockin, and the character is so charm! i haven't seen the movie and i can't barely remember about the cartoon but this fictional character encourage me to do things that i'll probably won't do.. Even when it doesn't look like, i'm a very shy person (and insecure, i guess..), but i'm not gonna talk about that...
So finally i encourage myself and upload some tote bags at my etsy shop that i've been doing since last year...
And after all, child books aren't just for child but for grown ups isn't?

Friday, August 5, 2016

something new

Casi no he trabajado en mis pinturas, debería hacerlo mas... tengo 4 o 5 pinturas a la mitad, lo peor es que tengo muchas ideas de otras pinturas que quiero hacer... estoy postergando las cosas

, lo sé, pero esto es lo que he estado haciendo cuando no pinto.. (en este momento debería estar tomando los pinceles y trabajando en mi obra...)
Hice esto que he puesto en mi tienda en etsy... Nuevas cosas, nuevo hogar :)

I haven't been working on my paintings lately, i should do it... i mean, i've got 4 or 5 of them in progress, the worst part is, i've got tons of ideas on my mind about more things and paintings to do... and yes, i know, i'm procrastinating, me bad, although, this is what i do while i'm not with the paint and brushes... (right this moment, i should take my brushes and work on those artworks..)
So i made this and i put it on my etsy shop... New stuff, new home! :)